232 Oracle Multimedia ORDImage TYPE

The Oracle Multimedia ORDImage object type supports the storage, management, and manipulation of image data.

Digitized images consist of the image data (digitized bits) and attributes that describe and characterize the image data.

The image data (pixels) can have varying depths (bits for each pixel) depending on how the image was captured, and can be organized in various ways. The organization of the image data is known as the data format. Oracle Multimedia ORDImage can store and retrieve image data of any data format. Oracle Multimedia ORDImage can process (cut, scale, and generate thumbnails) of images, convert the format of images, and automatically extract properties of images of a variety of popular data formats.

Documentation of ORDImage

For a complete description of this package within the context of Oracle Multimedia, see ORDImage in the Oracle Multimedia Reference.