This view lists all backup files (backup pieces, proxy copies or image copies) that are marked UNAVAILABLE or EXPIRED. You can select one of the rows and, using BTYPE_KEY or FILETYPE_KEY, change the status of a backup set or specific file to AVAILABLE.

This view is primarily intended to be used internally by Enterprise Manager.

Column Datatype Description
DB_NAME VARCHAR2(8) The DB_NAME of the database incarnation to which this record belongs.
DB_KEY NUMBER The primary key for this database in the recovery catalog. Use this column to join with almost any other catalog view.
RSR_KEY NUMBER Unique key for the row in RC_RMAN_STATUS corresponding to the job that created this file.
BTYPE CHAR(9) The backup type container, which can be BACKUPSET, IMAGECOPY, or PROXYCOPY.
BTYPE_KEY NUMBER Unique identifier for the backup type. It is BS_KEY/COPY_KEY.
ID1 NUMBER For backups taken as backup sets, this column contains SET_STAMP. For proxy copy or image copy backups, this column contains the RECID from the control file.
ID2 NUMBER For backups taken as backup sets, ID2 contains SET_COUNT. For image copy and proxy copy backups ID2 contains STAMP.
FILETYPE VARCHAR2(15) The type of this backup file. Possible values are BACKUPPIECE, COPY, or PROXYCOPY.
FILETYPE_KEY NUMBER Backup piece key if the file is a backup piece, other wise COPY_KEY. This key can be used to directly change the status of the file to available.
STATUS VARCHAR2(1) Can be either U (for unavailable backups) or X (for expired backups).
FILESIZE NUMBER Size in bytes of the unusable backup file.
DEVICE_TYPE VARCHAR2(255) Device type storing this unusable backup file. Possible values are DISK and SBT_TAPE.
FILENAME VARCHAR2(1024) File name.
MEDIA VARCHAR2(80) A comment that contains further information about the media manager that created this backup.
MEDIA_POOL NUMBER The number of the media pool in which the backup is stored.