7 Configuring the TCP/IP Communications Package for IMS Connect

Read this chapter if your gateway uses the TCP/IP communication protocol. It describes how to configure TCP/IP for IMS Connect feature for Microsoft Windows. TCP/IP is a communication protocol that is already a part of your operating system. No third-party protocol software is required. This chapter contains the following section:

7.1 Configuring TCP/IP for IMS Connect on Windows Platforms

The configuration process requires you to enter parameters that are unique to your system in order to properly configure TCP/IP. Ask your network administrator to provide you with a list of the installation parameters you will need to complete the configuration process.

Basic configuration consists of assigning a host name, an IP address, and a network mask to a given network interface. This basic configuration should have been completed already by your systems administrator. If not, contact your systems administrator to have this configuration completed before you continue.

Additional configuration consists of defining a name server IP Address or creating entries in the hosts file on the local computer. Name Servers translate host names into IP addresses when queried on a particular host name. The hosts file provides this same functionality but in a non-network participating manner.

For local configuration, (that is, if the gateway is on the same computer), it may be desirable to use the loop-back address. The IP address is and is typically given the local name (localhost or loopback) in the hosts file. Using the loop-back address reduces the amount of network overhead by handling the traffic internally without actually talking to the network.


The Oracle Database Gateway for APPC using TCP/IP support for IMS Connect has specific initialization file parameters. These parameters are located in %ORACLE_HOME%\dg4appc\admin\initsid.ora. For information on these parameters, refer to "Gateway Initialization Parameter File Using TCP/IP".

For additional information about configuring TCP/IP for a particular host operating system, refer to the suitable platform and operating system installation and configuration guides.

When you have finished configuring TCP/IP for IMS Connect for the gateway, proceed to Chapter 8, "Configuring the OLTP" to complete and verify the configuration processes.