B Deinstalling Oracle Clusterware

This appendix describes how to deinstall Oracle Clusterware in a Windows environment.

B.1 Deinstalling Oracle Clusterware from Windows Environments

Deinstall each Oracle Database 11g Real Application Clusters home as described in Oracle Real Application Clusters Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows. Then complete the de-installation by removing Oracle Clusterware software using one of the following procedures:


For Windows Server 2008, you must have administrator privileges and you must run commands from an Administrative command prompt to run executables that reside in the Oracle Clusterware home.

B.1.1 Deinstalling Oracle Clusterware with No Previous Cluster Software Versions

Perform the following steps to de-install Oracle 11g Oracle Clusterware software from a Windows environment:

  1. Stop and remove the Oracle Clusterware node applications on each node that is associated with the Oracle home that you are deleting. Do this by running the following command for all of the nodes that are affected by the deletion of the Oracle home:

    srvctl stop nodeapps -n nodename

    where nodename is the node name. Repeat this command for each node in the cluster.

    Then remove Oracle Clusterware node applications by running the following commands:

    svrctl remove nodeapps -n nodename

    where nodename is the node name. Repeat this command for each node in the cluster, responding to any operating-system prompts to confirm your operations for each node.

  2. Click Start and navigate to Settings, then to Control Panel, then to Administrative Tools, and then to Services. Stop the following services:

    • OracleRemExecService

    • OracleClusterVolumeService

    • OracleObjectService

    • OracleCRService

    • OracleCSService

    • OracleEVMService

  3. If you have services with names such as OracleCRSTokenname, then remove them by running the following command:

    crsuser remove user_name

    where user_name is a user name.

  4. Start OUI. On the Select a Product page, click Deinstall Products to display the list of installed products. Select the Oracle Clusterware home you want to de-install.

  5. Shut down and restart each node that is a member of your cluster.

  6. If you are not using a cluster file system, then on each node, use Windows Explorer to delete the Oracle directory, its subdirectories, and their contents.