7 Oracle Clusterware Postinstallation Procedures

This chapter describes how to complete the postinstallation tasks after you have installed the Oracle Clusterware software.

This chapter contains the following topics:

7.1 Required Postinstallation Tasks

You must perform the following tasks after completing your installation:

7.1.1 Back Up the Voting Disk After Installation

After your Oracle Clusterware installation is complete and after you are sure that your system is functioning properly, make a backup of the contents of the voting disk. Use the dd utility. For example:

# dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/myvdisk1.bak

Also, make a backup copy of the voting disk contents after you complete any node additions or node deletions, and after running any deinstallation procedures.

7.1.2 Download and Install Patch Updates

Refer to the OracleMetaLink Web site for required patch updates for your installation. To download required patch updates:

  1. Use a Web browser to view the OracleMetaLink Web site:


  2. Log in to OracleMetaLink.


    If you are not an OracleMetaLink registered user, then click Register for MetaLink and register.
  3. On the main OracleMetaLink page, click Patches & Updates.

  4. On the Patches & Update page, click Advanced Search.

  5. On the Advanced Search page, click the search icon next to the Product or Product Family field.

  6. In the Search and Select: Product Family field, select Database and Tools in the Search list field, enter RDBMS Server in the text field, and click Go.

    RDBMS Server appears in the Product or Product Family field. The current release appears in the Release field.

  7. Select your platform from the list in the Platform field, and at the bottom of the selection list, click Go.

  8. Any available patch updates appear under the Results heading.

  9. Click the number of the patch that you want to download.

  10. On the Patch Set page, click View README and read the page that appears. The README page contains information about the patch set and how to apply the patches to your installation.

  11. Return to the Patch Set page, click Download, and save the file on your system.

  12. Use the unzip utility provided with Oracle Database 10g to uncompress the Oracle patch updates that you downloaded from OracleMetaLink. The unzip utility is located in the $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory.

  13. Refer to Appendix B for information about how to stop database processes in preparation for installing patches.

7.2 Recommended Postinstallation Tasks

Oracle recommends that you complete the following tasks after installing Oracle Clusterware.

7.2.1 Back Up the root.sh Script

Oracle recommends that you back up the root.sh script after you complete an installation. If you install other products in the same Oracle home directory, then the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) updates the contents of the existing root.sh script during the installation. If you require information contained in the original root.sh script, then you can recover it from the root.sh file copy.

7.2.2 Run CVU Postinstallation Check

After installing Oracle Clusterware, check the status of your Oracle Clusterware installation with the command cluvfy stage -post crsinst, using the following syntax:

cluvfy stage -post crsinst -n node_list [-verbose]