Oracle® Real Application Clusters

Installation Guide

11g Release 1 (11.1) for Linux and UNIX


August 2010

Oracle Real Application Clusters Installation Guide, 11g Release 1 (11.1) for Linux and UNIX


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Primary Author: Douglas Williams

Contributing Authors: Mark Bauer, Jonathan Creighton, Ram Kumar, Barb Lundhild, Venkat Maddali, Markus Michalewicz, Dipak Saggi, Sanjay Sharma, Khethavath Singh, Malai Stalin, Jason Straub, Ajesh Viswambharan, Sergiusz Wolicki

Contributors: David Austin, Namrata Bhakthavatsalam, Eric Belden, Aimee Cai, HanYool Chang, Tracy Chen, David Chu, Sudip Datta, Dave Diamond, Michael Gianatassio, Pat Huey, Luann Ho, Rajiv Jayaraman, Sana Karam, Roland Knapp, Vivekananda Kolla, George Kotsovolos, Raj Kumar, Sameer Joshi, Karen Li, Frank Liu, Gary Ling Ni, Diana Lorentz, Vijay Lunawat, Komal Mangtani, Bob McGuirk, John Patrick McHugh, Anil Nair, Randy Neville, Philip Newlan, Roy Rossebo, Michael Rubino, Sudheendra Sampath, Trivikrama Samudrala, Vishal Saxena, Viv Schupmann, Janelle Simmons, Clive Simpkins, Khethavath P. Singh, Janet Stern, Bob Thome, Lyju Vadassery, Nitin Vengurlekar, Sumana Vijayagopal, Pierre Wagner, Li Wang, Martin Widjaja, Terri Winters, Sivakumar Yarlagadda, Bin Yan, Jun Yang, Michael Yau, Derek Yue, Ricky Zhu, Tony Zhu

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