AW_COPY Procedure

The AW_COPY procedure copies the object definitions and data from one analytic workspace into a new analytic workspace.

AW_COPY detaches the original workspace and attaches the new workspace first with read/write access.


You cannot execute this procedure from within the OLAP Worksheet. You must execute if in a SQL tool such as SQL*Plus.


          oldname         IN VARCHAR2,
          newname         IN VARCHAR2,
          tablespace      IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
          partnum         IN NUMBER DEFAULT 8);


Table B-12 AW_COPY Procedure Parameters

Parameter Description


The name of an existing analytic workspace that contains object definitions. The workspace cannot be empty.


A name for the new analytic workspace that is a copy of oldname.


The name of a tablespace in which newname will be stored. If this parameter is omitted, then the analytic workspace is created in the user's default tablespace.


The number of partitions that will be created for the AW$newname table.


The following commands create a new analytic workspace named GLOBAL_TRACKING and copies the contents of GLOBAL into it. The workspace is stored in a table named AW$GLOBAL_TRACKING, which has three partitions and is stored in the user's default tablespace.

EXECUTE dbms_aw.aw_attach('global');
EXECUTE dbms_aw.aw_copy('global', 'global_tracking', NULL, 3);