The INTERP_SILENT procedure executes one or more OLAP DML commands and suppresses all output from them. It does not suppress error messages from the OLAP command interpreter.

Input to the INTERP_SILENT function is limited to 4K. If you want to display the output of the OLAP DML commands, use the EXECUTE procedure, or the INTERP or INTERPCLOB functions.


You cannot execute this procedure from within the OLAP Worksheet. You must execute if in a SQL tool such as SQL*Plus.


          olap-commands     IN   VARCHAR2);


Table B-26 INTERP_SILENT Function Parameters

Parameter Description


One or more OLAP DML commands separated by semi-colons. See "Guidelines for Using Quotation Marks in OLAP DML Commands".


The following commands show the difference in message handling between EXECUTE and INTERP_SILENT. Both commands attach the GLOBAL analytic workspace in read-only mode. However, EXECUTE displays a warning message, while INTERP_SILENT does not.

EXECUTE dbms_aw.execute('AW ATTACH global');
IMPORTANT: Analytic workspace GLOBAL is read-only. Therefore, you will not be able to use the UPDATE command to save changes to it.
EXECUTE dbms_aw.interp_silent('AW ATTACH global');