Initialization Parameters for the OLAP API

The OLAP_API_SESSION_INIT package contains procedures for maintaining a configuration table of initialization parameters. When the OLAP API opens a session, it executes the ALTER SESSION commands listed in the table for any user who has the specified roles. Only the OLAP API uses this table; no other type of application executes the commands stored in it.

This functionality provides an alternative to setting these parameters in the database initialization file or the init.ora file, which would alter the environment for all users.

During installation, the table is populated with ALTER SESSION commands that have been shown to enhance the performance of the OLAP API. Unless new settings prove to be more beneficial, you do not need to make changes to the table.

The information in the table can be queried through the ALL_OLAP_ALTER_SESSION view alias, which is also described in this chapter.


This package is owned by the SYS user. You must explicitly be granted execution rights before you can use it.