The CONTINUE command transfers program control to the end of a FOR or WHILE loop (just before the DO/DOEND statement), allowing the loop to repeat. You can use CONTINUE only within programs and only with FOR or WHILE.

For more information on controlling program execution, see also "Program Flow-of-Control".




Example 9-72 Skipping Over Code in a FOR Loop

In the following lines from a program, an IF statement is used to test whether total sales for a district exceed 5,000,000. When sales are more this amount, the program goes on to produce a report for that district. However, when a district's sales are less than the amount, the CONTINUE statement is used to transfer control to the end of the FOR loop (just before the DOEND statement). No lines are produced for that district, and the program goes on to test the next district in the status list.

FOR district
    IF TOTAL(sales, district) LT 5000000
     ... "(report statements for districts with total sales above 5,000,000)