The UNHIDE command unhides the text of a program that has been made invisible by a HIDE statement. To use UNHIDE, you must know the seed expression that was used with the HIDE statement when the program was hidden.


The HIDE command performs simple encoding. For information on using secure encryption and other security features in Oracle, see Oracle Database Security Guide.


UNHIDE prog-name seed-exp



The name of a program whose text has been made invisible by using the HIDE statement. Do not enclose the program name in quotes.


The single-line text expression that was used in the HIDE statement when "prog-name" was hidden. The seed expression must be byte-for-byte the same value as you used in the HIDE statement. Also, since the seed expression is case-sensitive, specify uppercase and lowercase characters carefully.


Forgetting the Seed Expression

When you want to use an UNHIDE statement on a program but you have forgotten the seed expression, you can call Oracle OLAP Products Technical Support for help in solving your problem. Before calling, make a connection to Oracle OLAP from OLAP Worksheet, and in Oracle OLAP, attach the analytic workspace that contains the hidden program.


Example 10-166 Unhiding Program Text

The following example unhides the text of a program called sales_rpt. The seed expression crystal was used when the program was hidden using HIDE.

UNHIDE sales_rpt 'crystal'