The RESERVED function can provide a list of all the words that are reserved because they are known to the OLAP DML parser, or it can indicate whether or not a word that you specify is known to the OLAP DML parser. Some other words are also reserved as discussed in "Other Reserved Words".

Return Value

Either a multiline text expression or BOOLEAN, depending on whether or not you specify an argument to the function.


RESERVED [(word-expression)]



A text expression that represents a word that may or may not be reserved in the OLAP DML. When you specify word-expression, the RESERVED function returns a BOOLEAN value indicating whether or not the word is reserved in OLAP DML. When you do not specify an argument, RESERVED returns a TEXT value consisting of all the reserved words in OLAP DML, with each word on a separate line.


Other Reserved Words

The RESERVED function only recognizes words known to the OLAP DML parser. This does not include the names of option objects and some other objects in the EXPRESS analytic workspace. The names of these objects are reserved in Oracle OLAP, but are ignored by the RESERVED function. To identify the names of these objects, issue the following statements.


NA is Reserved

When you specify NA for the argument, the RESERVED function returns NO. When you specify NA, the RESERVED function returns YES.


The list of reserved words returned by the RESERVED function contains some words in all uppercase and some in mixed case. Words all in uppercase are reserved in their entirety. Words in mixed case can be abbreviated to the uppercase portion. For such words, any subset of the word containing the uppercase portion is reserved. For example, one of the words in the list returned by RESERVED is CODEVERsion. The following are all reserved: codever, codeversi, codeversio, and codeversion. However, codeve is not reserved.


Example 8-80 Determining If a Word Is Reserved

The following example shows how you can use the RESERVED function to determine if a word is reserved in OLAP DML.

The function call


returns the following value