The ALLOCERRLOGHEADER option determines the column headings for the error log that you specify with the ERRORLOG argument to the ALLOCATE command. To specify additional formatting for the error log, use the ALLOCERRLOGFORMAT option.





Characters that determine the content and formatting of the column headers that are the first line of the error log that you specify with the ALLOCATE command. (See ALLOCERRLOGFORMAT for a list of the characters you can use.)

When you specify NA as the value for this option, then ALLOCATE does not write any header to the error log. The following is the default value of ALLOCERRLOGHEADER.

'Dim      Source   Basis\n%-8d %-8v %-8b Description\n
-------- -------- -------- -----------'


Example 6-2 Setting the ALLOCERRLOGHEADER Option

The following statements define the heading for the error log specified by an ALLOCATE statement and show the value of the ALLOCERRLOGHEADER option.

ALLOCERRLOGHEADER = 'Dim      Source   Basis\n %-8d %-8v %-8b Description \n
-------- -------- -------- -----------'

The preceding statement produces the following results.

Dim      Source   Basis
%-8d %-8s %-8b Description 
-------- -------- -------- -----------

An allocation operation that has a variable named budget as both the source and basis objects and which encounters a deadlock when allocating down the division dimension produces the following entry in the error log.

Dim      Source   Basis
Division Budget   Budget  Description 
-------- -------- -------- -----------
Accdiv   650000    NA      A deadlock occurred allocating data (5)