The LIMIT.SORTREL option controls whether or not a sort is done when you limit a dimension to a related dimension.

Data Type






(Default) Oracle OLAP performs a sort when you limit a dimension to a related dimension.


Oracle OLAP does not perform a sort when limiting to a related dimension.


The Sorting Explained

Normally, when you limit a dimension to a related dimension, the values of the dimension being limited are arranged in the order of the related dimension. When there is more than one value of the first dimension related to a value of the related dimension, the values are sorted in the order of the default status of the first dimension. It is this sort that LIMIT.SORTREL suppresses.

Output Lists when LIMIT.SORTREL Is NO

When LIMIT.SORTREL is NO, the output for any given dimension may not list values in logical order.


Example 6-43 Efficient Processing

You are performing calculations on a variable dimensioned by a large dimension named product. Your product dimension has all levels of the product hierarchy embedded in it: category, vendor, brand, and so on. You are performing the calculations one level at a time, using the relationship between product and productlevel. Because the order of the dimension values is not important for the calculations and because you are limiting product using a related dimension, you use LIMIT.SORTREL to suppress unnecessary sorting. This makes the process more efficient.