The LINENUM option contains the current line number of the output. Its value is incremented automatically as output lines are produced. The LINENUM option is meaningful only when PAGING is set to YES and only for output from commands such as REPORT and LISTNAMES.

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Data Type






An INTEGER expression. Normally you do not want to set LINENUM explicitly, but just want to check its current value.


Starting a New Page

When PAGING is set to YES, LINENUM increases by 1 after each line of output. When LINENUM equals PAGESIZE minus BMARGIN, a new page automatically begins.

At the beginning of each new page, LINENUM is automatically reset to 1.


Since the lines in the bottom margin are included in PAGESIZE, LINENUM can never reach PAGESIZE when BMARGIN is set to a number greater than 0 (zero).

The Effect of PAGING on LINENUM

When PAGING is set to NO (its default), the value of the LINENUM option continues to increment as more output lines are produced. When you set PAGING to YES, LINENUM is set to 1 and it begins counting lines on the current page.

The Effect of OUTFILE on LINENUM

When you use an OUTFILE statement to direct output to a file, LINENUM is set to 1 for the file. When you use OUTFILE with the EOF keyword to redirect output to the default outfile, LINENUM will contain the value that it last held for the default outfile.

Sending LINENUM in Output

When you produce output that contains the value of LINENUM, and a new page is created by this output, the value of LINENUM will be recorded as 1 when your output consists of a single line. However, when the output is a multiline value, the value of LINENUM may be recorded as a value that is larger than PAGESIZE.


Example 6-46 Keeping the Heading Size Constant

Suppose you have a heading that varies between one and two lines from page to page. Regardless of this variation, you want to draw a line across the page at a constant position below the heading. Include the following statement in the page heading program that you use with your report program.

ROW W LSIZE ROW CENTER '--------------------------------'