The RECURSIVE option controls the ability of a formula or $NATRIGGER expression to call itself.





Specifying YES allows a formula or $NATRIGGER expression to call itself. Set this option to YES when you define a formula or an expression for the $NATRIGGER property that uses a recursive method of computation.


(Default) Specifying NO prevents a formula or $NATRIGGER expression from calling itself. When you attempt to evaluate a recursive formula or $NATRIGGER expression, then Oracle OLAP displays an error message, which states that the RECURSIVE option is currently set to NO. Until the workspace contains a recursive formula or $NATRIGGER expression, keep this option set to NO in order to detect errors that could result in infinite looping behavior.


For Formulas and $NATRIGGER Expressions Only

When you set RECURSIVE to YES, only formulas and $NATRIGGER property expressions are affected. This option does not affect programs; that is, a program can be recursive regardless of the setting of the RECURSIVE option unless the program is a $NATRIGGER expression. A $NATRIGGER expression cannot call itself unless the RECURSIVE option is YES.

Limiting $NATRIGGER Recursion

You can limit the depth of recursion for $NATRIGGER property expressions with the TRIGGERMAXDEPTH option, which sets the maximum number of $NATRIGGER expressions that Oracle OLAP executes simultaneously.