The $LOOP_AGGMAP property is used to determine how to loop the formula on which it is assigned when a SQL OLAP_TABLE function with the LOOP OPTIMIZED clause is executed. It specifies the the name of an aggmap object to use when Oracle OLAP generates a UNION subclause that includes the formula. The value that you specify for this property overrrides all other aggmaps associated with a variable (for example, aggmaps for which the variable has an $AGGMAP property) and can be used to clarify which aggmap Oracle OLAP should use when the underlying variables of a formula are associated with different aggmaps. For more information on looping in OLAP_TABLE, see the discussion of the LOOP Clause.


You add or delete a $LOOP_AGGMAP property to the most recently defined or considered formula (see DEFINE and CONSIDER commands) using a PROPERTY statement:

  • To add the property, issue the following statement.

    PROPERTY '$LOOP_AGGMAP' agggmap-name

  • To delete the property, issue the following statement.




The name of an aggmap object.