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Oracle® OLAP Java API Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1)


Class PrimaryDimensionOrganization

  extended by oracle.olapi.metadata.BaseMetadataObject
      extended by oracle.olapi.metadata.deployment.PrimaryDimensionOrganization

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
AWPrimaryDimensionOrganization, RolapPrimaryDimensionOrganization

public abstract class PrimaryDimensionOrganization
extends BaseMetadataObject

A metadata object that represents the organization of an MdmPrimaryDimension as a relational OLAP (Rolap) object or as an analytic workspace (AW) object. An application gets or creates a concrete subclass of PrimaryDimensionOrganization with the findOrCreateAWPrimaryDimensionOrganization method or the findOrCreateRolapPrimaryDimensionOrganization method of the MdmPrimaryDimension.

Method Summary
 MdmPrimaryDimension getPrimaryDimension()
          Gets the MdmPrimaryDimension that is associated with the PrimaryDimensionOrganization.


Methods inherited from class oracle.olapi.metadata.BaseMetadataObject
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Method Detail


public final MdmPrimaryDimension getPrimaryDimension()
Gets the MdmPrimaryDimension that is associated with the PrimaryDimensionOrganization.
The MdmPrimaryDimension associated with the PrimaryDimensionOrganization.

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