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What's New

1 Introduction to Oracle Warehouse Builder

2 Getting Started with Oracle Warehouse Builder

3 Setting Up Warehouse Builder

Part I Sources and Targets

4 Identifying Data Sources and Importing Metadata

5 Importing Design Definitions from Third Party Design Tools

6 Integrating with Applications

7 Retrieving Data From SAP Applications

8 Flat Files as Sources or Targets

9 Using Microsoft Products as Sources

10 Integrating Metadata Using the Transfer Wizard

11 Integrating with Business Intelligence Tools

Part II ETL and Data Quality

12 Designing Target Schemas

13 Defining Oracle Data Objects

14 Defining Dimensional Objects

15 Data Transformation

16 Creating Mappings

17 Source and Target Operators

18 Data Flow Operators

19 Oracle Warehouse Builder Transformations

20 Designing Process Flows

21 Activities in Process Flows

22 Understanding Performance and Advanced ETL Concepts

23 Understanding Data Quality Management

24 Data Quality Operators

25 Deploying to Target Schemas and Executing ETL Logic

26 Scheduling ETL Objects

27 Auditing Deployments and Executions

28 Troubleshooting and Error Handling for ETL Designs