The screenshot shows bottom portion of the Enterprise Manager Database Control Performance page. There are two charts displayed: Average Active Sessions at the top and Active Sessions by Instance on the bottom.

In the Active Sessions by Instance chart graphs for two instances, orac1 and orac2 are displayed. The vertical axis measures the number of active sessions and the horizontal axis measures the time in intervals of 10 minutes, starting with 8:10 pm and ending with 9:00 pm. In this graph, the orac2 instance after 8:20pm is consistently showing more active sessions than the orac1 instance.

A red line is drawn horizontally across the chart delineating the value for 8.0 active sessions. This line is labeled Maximum CPU. Both the orac1 and orac2 instances start with a number of active sessions close to 8.0, and then, after 8:20 pm, the number of active sessions for each instance increases to values between 12.00 and 14.00, with at spike of just over 16.00 occurring at 8:35 pm.

End of description.