The screenshot shows the OUI Specify Voting Disk Location screen. The introductory text on the screen says "The Oracle Clusterware voting disk contains cluster membership information and arbitrates cluster ownership among the nodes of your cluster in the event of network failures. Specify a cluster file system file or a shared raw device that is accessible by the same name from all of the nodes in the cluster. The Installer requires at least 20MB of free space for the voting disk that it creates."

Following the introductory paragraph is the Voting Disk Configuration section. There are two options. The first option, Normal Redundancy is followed by the text "Choose this option to enable the Oracle Clusterware to manage two additional copies of your voting disk. Each additional copy requires 20MB of disk space." The second option, External Redundancy, is followed by the text "Choose this option if you are using your disk management system to provide voting disk redundancy." The Normal Redundancy option is selected.

Below the Voting Disk Configuration section is the Voting Disk Location text entry field. The screen show shows this field as containing the value /dev/sda2. Next is the Additional Voting Disk 1 Location text entry field, which shows the value /dev/sdb2 followed by the Additional Voting Disk 2 Location text entry field displaying the value /dev/sdc1.

End of description.

At the bottom of the screenshot are the following buttons, from left to right: Help, Installed Products, Back, Next, Install (grayed out), and Cancel.