The screenshot shows the Product-Specific Prerequisite Checks window. The introductory text says "The Installer verifies that your environment meets all of the minimum requirements for installing and configuring the products that you have chosen to install. You must manually verify and confirm the items that are flagged with warnings and items that require manual checks. For details about performing these checks, click the item and review the details in the box at the bottom of the window."

There is a list of the checks performed, a column that indicates whether the check is performed automatically or manually, a check box that indicates whether or not the check was completed, and the status of each check. Towards the bottom of the window is a results section, which lists messages about the status of the prerequisite checks. In this example, the status window says "Check complete. The overall result of this check: Passed."

At the bottom of the window, from left to right, are the following buttons: Help, Installed Products, Back, Next, Install (grayed out), and Cancel.

End of Description.