The screenshot shows the Select ASM Disk Group window. The introductory text says "An ASM instance with one or more Disk Groups already exists on this system. Select one of the existing Disk Groups to be used for storage of the database you are creating during this installation session. If there is not enough space available for storage of your database in the selected Disk Group, you will be prompted on the following screen to add disks to this existing Disk Group so that enough space is made available. If you wish to use multiple disk groups or create a new disk group for your database, you must go back and choose Advanced starter database configuration option."

There is a section in the middle of the window where you can choose from the available disk groups. This example shows only one disk group, DATA, which has been selected. The diskgroup is 137806 MB in size, has 136632 MB of free space, and has a redundancy type of EXTERN.

At the bottom of the window, from left to right, are the following buttons: Help, Installed Products, Back, Next, Install (disabled), and Cancel.

End of description.