The screenshot shows the Specify Inventory directory and credentials windows. The first paragraph reads 'You are starting your first installation on this host. As part of this install, you need to specify a directory for installer files. This is called the "Inventory directory". Within the inventory directory, the installer automatically sets up subdirectories for each product to contain inventory data and will consume typically 150 Kilobytes per product.' Following this text is a text entry field labeled Enter the full path of the inventory directory. To the right of the text field is a Browse button.

The second paragraph of text on the screenshot says 'You can specify an Operating System group that has write permissions to the above inventory directory. You can leave the field blank if you want to perform the above operations as a Superuser.' This text is followed by a list labeled Specify Operating System group name. The list currently shows the entry oinstall, and has a down arrow to the right of the list.

At the bottom of the screenshot, from left to right, are the following buttons: Help, Installed Products..., Back, Next, Install (grayed out), and Cancel.

End of description.