The screenshot shows the output from the script command /opt/oracle/crs/bin/crs_stat -t. The output is a table with columns labeled Name, Type, Target, State, and Host. The first 5 rows have Names ending in asm, lsnr, gsd, ons, and vip and show application in the Type column. Both the Target and State for the first 5 rows are ONLINE, and the host is docrac1. Lines 6 through 10 are the almost the same as the first 5 rows, except the Host is docrac2. Line 11 is ora.sales.db, application, ONLINE, ONLINE, docrac2. Lines 12 and 13 have the Name set to ora....s1.inst and ora....s2.inst, application for the Type, Target and State set to ONLINE, and the host set to docrac1 and docrac2, respectively.

End of description.