The screenshot shows the Most Recent Alert Log Entries page, with Search Criteria for the title. There are two fields for entering search criteria: Begin Date and End Date. Beneath the date search criteria fields is the text (example: Sep 22, 2005). Each date search criteria field has a calendar icon to its right that can be clicked to open a page for choosing the date. To the right of the calendar icon for each date search criteria field are fields for specifying the time. There are hour and minute lists and options for choosing AM or PM. Below the End date search criteria field is a button labeled Go.

After the Search Criteria fields is the Most Recent Alert Log Entries section. At the upper right part of this section is the Page Refreshed date. Below the refresh date is the text "This shows the last 100,000 bytes of the alert log. The log is constantly growing, so select the browser's Refresh button to see the most recent log entries."

Below this text is a line that states "Number of Lines Displayed 2,187". The display of alert log entries begins after this line.

The alert log entries consist of the following: a date marking the creation time of the entry, the entry text, and other information relevant to this entry. For example, the first entry displayed is:

Thu Aug 10 15:05:50 2006
Thread 1 advanced to log sequence 130
   Current log# 1 seq# 130 mem# 0: +DATA/docrac/onlinelog/group_1.262.59498
   Current log# 1 seq# 130 mem# 0: +DATA/docrac/onlinelog/group_1.262.59498

End of description.