This screenshot shows the Availability page for the tacdemo cluster database. The largest section shown in this image is the Backup/Recovery section, with headings titled Setup and Manage. To the right of this section is the Oracle Secure Backup Setting. Below the Backup/Recovery section on the left is the Services section. Under the heading Services is a single link titled Cluster Managed Database Services.

The links under the heading Setup in the Backup/Recovery section are Backup Settings, Recovery Settings, and Recovery Catalog Settings. The links under the heading Manage in the Backup/Recovery section are Schedule Backup, Manage Current Backups, Backup Reports, Manage Restore Points, Perform Recovery, and View and Manage Transactions.

The links in the Oracle Secure Backup section are "Oracle Secure Backup Device and Media" and "File System Backup and Restore".

At the top of the page are the following links for the accessing the subpages: Home, Performance, Availability (selected), Server, Schema, Data Movement, Software Support, and Topology. The user currently logged in is the SYSTEM user.

End of description.