The Plan subpage is shown.The text at the top reads: Data Source Snapshot (56), Catpure Time Mar5, 2007 12:00:26 AM, Parsing Schema ICHAN, Optimizer Mode ALL_ROWS.In the View section, Graph is selected.The Section Details section shows the following name-value pairs:Operation is TABLE ACCESS FULLObject is SH.SALESObject Type is TABLEOrder is 1Rows is 918843Size (KB) is 11664.999Cost is 406Time is 5CPU Cost is 187177997I/O Cost is 389Partition Start is 1Partition Stop is 28The graphic depicts a flow chart with SH.SALES leading to PARTITION RANGE ALL, leading to NESTED LOOPS. NESTED LOOPS forks to SORT AGGREGATE, which leads to SELECT STATEMENT. The other branch of NESTED LOOPS leads to SH.CUSTOMERS.

End of description.