Four tabs are shown: Statistics (selected), Activity, Plan, and Tuning Information.

In the Summary section, the View list shows the Elapsed Time Per Execution value.

A bar chart is shown. The y-axis is labeled Elapsed Time Per Execution and ranges form 0 to 3000. The x-axis ranges from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. The legend shows CPU, User I/O, and Wait. At 10 a.m. the CPU activity is 2000. At noon the CPU activity is 2500. Underneath the x-axis are the snapshot details. The Snapshot Time of the selected snapshot is Mar 4, 2007 11:00:06 PM to Mar 5, 2007 12:00:26 AM.

The General section has the following name-value pairs: Module is SQL*Plus, Action is null, and Parsing Schema is ICHAN. The Activity By Waits pie chart has a legend of Remaining Waits (7.5%), User I/O Waits (0.9%), and CPU (91.6%).

The Activity By Time section has the following name-value pairs: Elapsed Time (sec) is 2578.89, CPU Time (sec) is 2362.10, and Wait Time (sec) is 216.80.The Elapsed Time Breakdown section has the following name-value pairs: SQLTime (sec) is 2578.89, PL/SQL Time (sec) is 0, Java Time (sec) is 0.The Shared Cursors Statistics section has the following name-value pairs: Total Parses is 1, Hard Parses is 0, Child Cursors is 1, Child Curosrs with Loaded Plans is 1, Invalidations is 0, Largest Cursor Size (KB) is 16.39, and All Cursor Size (KB) is 16.39.The Execution Statistics table has the following columns: null, Total, Per Execution, and Per Row. Row 1 has the following values: Executions, 1, 1, n/a. Row 2 has the following values: CPU Time (sec), 2362.10, 2362.10, and n/a. Row 3 has the following values: Buffer Gets, 214871708, 214871708, and n/a. Row 4 has the following values: Disk Reads, 7240, 7240, and n/a. Row 5 has the following values: Direct Writers, 0, 0, and n/a. Row 6 has the following values: Rows, 0, 0, and n/a. Row 7 has the following values: Fetches, 0, 0, and n/a.The Other Statistics section has the following name-value pairs: Executions that Fetched All Rows (%) is 0.

End of description.