This figure illustrates a single-instance, nonclustered Oracle database configuration that includes an ASM instance and a pool of storage. Starting at the top of the figure, a box is labeled "Oracle Database Instance" and below that is another box labeled "ASM Instance" and to the left of these boxes is another label "Single-Instance Database (Nonclustered)." To the right of the box that represents the ASM Instance, are four more boxes that are connected to each other and also to the ASM Instance box as a way of signifying that this configuration leverages these particular Oracle high-availability features:

At the bottom of the graphic, directly below the "ASM Instance" box, there is a picture of a single server with a line connecting the server to a row of disks with the label "Pool of Storage." The six disks in the pool of storage are contained in a dotted-line box. Within this dotted-line box, the two left most disks are labeled as "Database Area" and the four disks to right are labeled as "Flash Recovery Area."

End of description.