This figure is similar to and is a companion of Figure 4-2 because this figure illustrates the same multi-instance, clustered architecture after a failover has occurred.

Starting at the top of the figure, two servers are in a box (outlined with a dotted line) that is labeled "Application/Web Servers. To the left of the servers there is another label: "Applications and Web Servers Managed by the Oracle Clusterware API." Both of the servers are connected to another box labelled "Oracle Net Services Client Access" and this box is shows separate connections to two nodes:

To the left of the Nodes is another label: "Single-Instance Oracle Database Made Highly Available with Oracle Clusterware."

At the bottom of the graphic, directly below the Nodes there is a picture of a single a row of disks with the label "Pool of Storage." The six disks in the pool of storage are contained in a dotted-line box. Within this dotted-line box, the two left most disks are labeled as "Database Area" and the four disks to right are labeled as "Flash Recovery Area."

This is the end of the figure description.