This is a screenshot of the Grid Control High Availability Console. At the top right of the page are the following tabs:

Management System

The HA Console page is arranged into the following areas, Availability Summary, Backup and Recovery Summary, Data Guard Summary, and Oracle RAC Services Summary. This screenshot is viewed in Advanced View. Therefore, next to each of the summary areas, there are availability details and historical sections that provide more information.

Use the Availability Summary section to view basic information about the status and availability of the current database. The Availability Summary section displays the current Status of the database, the Up Since timestamp that shows when it was last restarted, its current Availability percent, the Host. If ASM is configured, the ASM status will appear. If the database is an Oracle RAC, the instance status will be shown in this section. Use the Availability Events section to view information about specific high availability events (alerts) for the current target and all related targets (includes standby databases and ASM instances). The event table lists the Event, Message, Target, and Time of the event. The Availability History chart is viewable in Advanced view only. The Available History chart shows the availability history broken down by Day, Week, and Month and shows the percentage for each time period in a displayed horizontal bar graph.

You can also choose to Refresh the page manually or in 60 second or five minute intervals. When refreshing manually, metric data is collected in the background. See the Customize page for more details about refresh options. The page displays a timestamp of the most recent time it was refreshed. You can customize the appearance of the page by clicking Customize to display the High Availability Console Options page.