This is a screenshot of the Grid Control High Availability Console and shows statistics for the standby database named West. At the top right of the page are the following tabs:

Management System

Similarly to the HA Console shown for the primary database in Figure 3-5, this HA Console page is arranged into the following areas, Availability Summary, Backup and Recovery Summary, Data Guard Summary, and Oracle RAC Services Summary. This screenshot is viewed in Advanced View so the page also includes availability details and historical sections that provide more information. The difference between this page and the one for the primary database is there is a Standby Databases and Standby Apply Lag areas at the bottom of the page. The Standby Databases area shows the database name, cluster name, the database role (which in this case is a physical standby running real-time query), and the Transport and Apply lag (both 0). It also shows the FRA Used (that is the percentage of the flash recovery area used). The Standby Apply Lag area is a graph that shows the amount of lag in seconds (0 in this case).