The MAA Advisor page shows the "All Primary Database Solutions" that contains a table with column headers for Outage Type, Oracle Solution, Recommendation Level, Configuration Status, and Benefits. The Outage Type column categorizes the information in the table by types of failures: all failures, computer failures, human errors, storage failures, data corruptions, and site failures. For each failure, the second column contains one or more Oracle solutions for that failure. For example, for All Failures, the solutions are "schedule backups" and "Configure ARCHIVELOG mode" as possible solutions. For computer failures, the solutions are "Configure Oracle Data Guard", "Configure Oracle RAC and Oracle Clusterware," anThd "Configure Oracle Streams."

For some solutions, the third column contains the word "High" to show a strong recommendation for configuring Flashback Query, Flashback Transaction, and Flashback Table to prevent downtime due to Human Error. The third column contains "High" to recommend setting the DB_ULTRA_SAFE parameter to prevent Data Corruption. The fourth column contains a checkmark (or not) to indicate if the best practice recommendation has been applied for this data. And finally, the fifth column provides a description of the benefit you derive from following the best practice recommendation.