Object types are defined using PL/SQL. Therefore, this section provides some general information but refers to Oracle Database PL/SQL Language Reference for details of syntax and semantics.

Use the ALTER TYPE statement to add or drop member attributes or methods. You can change the existing properties (FINAL or INSTANTIABLE) of an object type, and you can modify the scalar attributes of the type.

You can also use this statement to recompile the specification or body of the type or to change the specification of an object type by adding new object member subprogram specifications.


The object type must be in your own schema and you must have CREATE TYPE or CREATE ANY TYPE system privilege, or you must have ALTER ANY TYPE system privileges.

(alter_type_clauses: See Oracle Database PL/SQL Language Reference for the syntax of this clause.



Specify the schema that contains the type. If you omit schema, then Oracle Database assumes the type is in your current schema.


Specify the name of an object type, a nested table type, or a varray type.


See Oracle Database PL/SQL Language Reference for the syntax and semantics of this clause and for complete information on creating and compiling object types.