Use the DROP INDEXTYPE statement to drop an indextype as well as any association with a statistics type.

See Also:

CREATE INDEXTYPE for more information on indextypes


The indextype must be in your own schema or you must have the DROP ANY INDEXTYPE system privilege.



Specify the schema containing the indextype. If you omit schema, then Oracle Database assumes the indextype is in your own schema.


Specify the name of the indextype to be dropped.

If any statistics types have been associated with indextype, then the database disassociates the statistics type from the indextype and drops any statistics that have been collected using the statistics type.

See Also:

ASSOCIATE STATISTICS and DISASSOCIATE STATISTICS for more information on statistics associations


Specify FORCE to drop the indextype even if the indextype is currently being referenced by one or more domain indexes. Oracle Database marks those domain indexes INVALID. Without FORCE, you cannot drop an indextype if any domain indexes reference the indextype.


Dropping an Indextype: Example The following statement drops the indextype position_indextype, created in "Using Extensible Indexing", and marks INVALID any domain indexes defined on this indextype:

DROP INDEXTYPE position_indextype FORCE;