Oracle strongly recommends that you use SQL plan management for new applications. SQL plan management creates SQL plan baselines, which offer superior SQL performance stability compared with stored outlines.

You can migrate existing stored outlines to SQL plan baselines by using the LOAD_PLANS_FROM_CURSOR_CACHE or LOAD_PLANS_FROM_SQLSET procedure of the DBMS_SPM package. When the migration is complete, you should disable or remove the stored outlines.

See Also: Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide for more information about SQL plan management and Oracle Database PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference for information about the DBMS_SPM package

Use the DROP OUTLINE statement to drop a stored outline.

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To drop an outline, you must have the DROP ANY OUTLINE system privilege.



Specify the name of the outline to be dropped.

After the outline is dropped, if the SQL statement for which the stored outline was created is compiled, then the optimizer generates a new execution plan without the influence of the outline.


Dropping an Outline: Example The following statement drops the stored outline called salaries.

DROP OUTLINE salaries;