This screenshot shows the Manage Current Backups page in Enterprise Manager. At the top of the page are four buttons, ordered from left to right: Catalog Additional Files, Crosscheck All, Delete All Obsolete, and Delete All Expired. Beneath the buttons, a row of links goes horizontally across the page. Each is the title of a subpage, where each subpage contains different administrative functions. The subpage titles are Backup Sets and Image Copies. The Backup Sets subpage is currently displayed. Beneath the subpage links are the various sections of the Backup Sets subpage. The Search section contains the follow controls, ordered from top to bottom: A status list (currently showing "Available"), the label "Contents" followed by four check boxes aligned horizontally across the page, and a Completion Time list (currently showing "Within a month"). To the right of the Completion time list is a Go button. The four "Contents" check boxes are the following, from left to right: Datafile, Archived Redo Log, SPFILE, and Control File. In the Results section, the following buttons are arranged horizontally from left to right: Crosscheck, Change to Unavailable, Delete, and Validate. Below the buttons is a table of backup sets. The table contains the following columns, ordered from left to right: Select, Key, Tag, Completion Time, Contents, Device Type, Status, Keep, and Pieces. There are four rows displayed.