This is the screenshot of the SGA Size Advice window. At the top of the window is a line graph. Below the graph is a text field entitled Total SGA Size. The current field value is 480 MB. At the bottom of the window are two buttons: Cancel and OK.

The x-axis of the graph is labeled Total SGA Size (MB), and the y-axis is labeled Improvement in DB Time (%). The curve on the graph rises at a steep rate from the x-y origin (lower left). The curve then levels off until it is flat toward the top right of the graph. An orange vertical line come up from the x-axis at 512 MB, showing the maximum SGA size. Very close to the orange vertical line, a red vertical line comes up from the x-axis, showing the current SGA size. Both lines intersect the curve. The value of the y-axis where both vertical lines intersect the curve (roughly) is zero. There is one value above zero on the y-axis: 20.000%. There are six values on the y-axis below zero: -20.000, -40.000, and so on until -120.000, which is just about at the origin.