The screenshot shows the Select Patches page, the first step of 5 steps in the Patching wizard. In the top right corner of the page are two buttons, Cancel and Next.

Under the page title is the following text "Select the Patches to apply. Click on "Add Patches" to search and select patches from Metalink or Software Library." This text is followed by the Target List section.

In the Target List section, information about the current target is displayed. This includes:

The target information is followed by the Staging Location text entry field, which shows the default value of "%oracle_home%/EMStagedPatches". Below this field is the text "This is the directory on the host where the updates will be staged."

Below the Staging Location field is the Patches table. On the top of the table, on the left side, is a button labeled Add Patches. The table contains a single row, with the following values:

At the end of this row is a garbage can icon.

End of description.