The screenshot shows the Credentials and Schedule page. In the top right corner of the page are 3 buttons. They are, listed from left to right, Cancel, Back, and Next.

Below the page title is the following text "Credentials are needed to run this procedure. Edit the schedule if you want to run this Procedure at a later time." Below this text is the Oracle Home Credentials section.

In the Oracle Home Credentials section, there are two options: Use Preferred and Override Preferred (currently selected). Below these options is the Specify For list, which is currently showing the value Each Home. This list is followed by a table of Oracle Homes. The table has only one row, with the following values:

Below the table of Oracle Homes is the Schedule section. At the top of this section is the following text "Specify when you would like the patch to be applied. You can apply the patch now or schedule a future date and time." There are three options for the schedule Type:

End of description.