The screenshot shows the top portion of the Deployment Procedure Manager page. There are 3 subtabs: Procedures, Procedure Completion Status, and Recycle Bin. In the screenshot, the Procedure Completion Status subtab is selected.

The text below the subtabs reads "All deployment procedures in various stages of their lifecycle are shown below. Set the refresh settings to update the page automatically. Clink on the link in the Run column to get more details on that run."

Below this text is a text entry field, with the label Search Text Fields to the left and, on the right, a button labeled Go and a link titled Advanced Search. The text field in the screenshot is empty.

At the bottom of the screenshot is a table. At the top of the table, on the left-hand side, there are 6 buttons. They are, from left to right, Stop, Suspend, Resume (grayed out), Retry (grayed out), Delete (grayed out), and Run (grayed out). The table has 7 columns and one row. The data in the table is, with the column name first, and the value second:

End of description.