The screenshot shows the Patch Advisor page. There are two tables on this page: Critical Security Patches and Patch Recommendations by Feature.

The Critical Security Patches has columns labeled Select, Advisory, Impact Abstract, Affected Hosts, and Affected Homes. There is a single row in this table, with only a value for Advisory. In this column is the text "No patch advisories are currently applicable to your installation at this point in time".

The Patch Recommendations by Feature table has an action list at the top, labeled View. The value Based on Usage is currently selected. Next to the View action list is a button labeled Go. Below the action list is a button labeled Schedule Patching. Below this button are two hyperlinks: Select All and Select None.

The Patch Recommendations by Feature table has columns labeled Select, Patch Number, Created On, Description, Impacted Feature, and README. There are three rows in the table shown in the screenshot. The rows contain the following values, listed in the same order as the column names:

At the bottom of the screenshot is following text: "TIP It is recommended to check patch prerequisites before applying patches."

End of description.