This is a screenshot of the ADDM page. At the top of the page is a horizontal graphical timeline of approximately the last 24 hours. The graph's Y axis is labeled Active Sessions. Data is displayed as areas under a curve, where the areas are of three colors that represent database activity as Wait, User I/O, and CPU. Beneath the X axis is a horizontal series of small clipboard icons. Icons with check marks in them indicate the presence of findings. The graph currently pictured shows three peaks of activity. Beneath the largest peak, the checked clipboard icon is of a darker color than the others, indicating that the findings in the ADDM Performance Analysis section below the graph pertain to this period of peak activity.

The Performance Analysis section's main feature is a table of findings. The table has three columns: Impact (%), shown as a horizontal bar graph with a numeric percent figure to the right of each bar; Finding, which is a message shown as a link; and Occurrences, which shows values similar to "7 out of 20", also as a link. There are ten findings, shown in decreasing order of impact.