The screenshot shows the Problem Details: ORA 600 [kksfbc-reparse-infinite-loop] page. There is a refresh timestamp and Refresh button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Below the Page Refreshed timestamp is the Investigate and Resolve section, enclosed within a shaded gray area. This section has two buttons at the top: Go to Metalink and Quick Package. Below the buttons are two subtabs: Self Service (selected) and Oracle Support.

On the Self Service subpage, there are two sections, each containing a list of links:

To the left of the Investigate and Resolve section is the Summary section. This section displays the following information:

Below the Summary section are two subtabs: Incidents (selected) and Activity Log. On the Incidents subpage, there are two lists at the top: Status on the right, currently showing Open Incidents, and Data Dumped on the left, currently showing Yes. To the left of the Data Dumped list is a Go button.

Below the lists are two buttons: View on the left, Close on the right. Below these buttons are 4 hyperlinks, in order from left to right: Select All, Select None, Show All Details, and Hide All Details. Below the hyperlinks is a table of incidents.

There are 8 columns in the incident tables. The columns are titled, from left to right: Select, Details, ID, Description, Data Dumped, Active, Status, and Timestamp. There are 3 rows in the table. They contains the following values:

End of description.