Predefined User Accounts

Oracle Database includes a number of predefined user accounts. The three types of predefined accounts are:

  • Administrative accounts (SYS, SYSTEM, SYSMAN, and DBSNMP)

    SYS and SYSTEM are described in "About Database Administrator Security and Privileges". SYSMAN is used to perform Oracle Enterprise Manager administration tasks. The management agent of Enterprise Manager uses the DBSNMP account to monitor and manage the database. You must not delete these accounts.

  • Sample schema accounts

    These accounts are used for examples in Oracle Database documentation and instructional materials. Examples are HR, SH, and OE. You must unlock these accounts and reset their passwords before using them.

  • Internal accounts.

    These accounts are created so that individual Oracle Database features or components can have their own schemas. You must not delete internal accounts, and you must not attempt to log in with them.

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