Migrating the SYSTEM Tablespace to a Locally Managed Tablespace

Use the DBMS_SPACE_ADMIN package to migrate the SYSTEM tablespace from dictionary-managed to locally managed. The following statement performs the migration:


Before performing the migration the following conditions must be met:

  • The database has a default temporary tablespace that is not SYSTEM.

  • There are no rollback segments in the dictionary-managed tablespace.

  • There is at least one online rollback segment in a locally managed tablespace, or if using automatic undo management, an undo tablespace is online.

  • All tablespaces other than the tablespace containing the undo space (that is, the tablespace containing the rollback segment or the undo tablespace) are in read-only mode.

  • The system is in restricted mode.

  • There is a cold backup of the database.

All of these conditions, except for the cold backup, are enforced by the TABLESPACE_MIGRATE_TO_LOCAL procedure.


After the SYSTEM tablespace is migrated to locally managed, any dictionary-managed tablespaces in the database cannot be made read/write. If you want to be able to use the dictionary-managed tablespaces in read/write mode, then Oracle recommends that you first migrate these tablespaces to locally managed before migrating the SYSTEM tablespace.