What's New in Database Utilities?

This section describes new features of the Oracle Database 11g utilities, and provides pointers to additional information. For information about features that were introduced in earlier releases of Oracle Database, refer to the documentation for those releases.

New Features in Oracle Database 11g Release 1

This section lists the major new features that have been added for Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (11.1).

Data Pump Export and Data Pump Import

For the Data Pump Export and Data Pump Import products, new features have been added that allow you to do the following:

Additionally, Data Pump will now perform a one-time automatic restart of workers (on the same instance) that have stopped due to certain errors. For example, if someone manually stops a process, the worker is automatically restarted one time, on the same instance. If the process stops a second time, it must be manually restarted.

External Tables

For the External Tables functionality, the following new features have been added:

LogMiner Utility

LogMiner now provides the following additional support:

See Supported Datatypes and Table Storage Attributes.

Automatic Diagnostic Repository Command Interpreter (ADRCI)

The Automatic Diagnostic Repository Command Interpreter (ADRCI) provides a way for you to work with the diagnostic data contained in the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR). The ADR is a file-based repository for database diagnostic data, such as traces, dumps, the alert log, health monitor reports, and more. It has a unified directory structure across multiple instances and multiple products.

See Chapter 15, "ADRCI: ADR Command Interpreter" for more information.

Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant (EMCA)

The Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant (EMCA) is now documented in this book. Prior to Oracle Database 11g Release 1, it was documented in Oracle Enterprise Manager Advanced Configuration. The EMCA provides a command-line interface for configuring Database Control.

See Chapter 21, "Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant (EMCA)" for more information.