V$AW_LONGOPS provides status information about active SQL cursors initiated in an analytic workspace.

Column Datatype Description
SESSION_ID NUMBER The identifier for the session in which the fetch is executing. This table can be joined with V$SESSION to obtain the user name.
CURSOR_NAME VARCHAR2(64) The name assigned to the cursor.
COMMAND VARCHAR2(7) The command that is actively fetching data from relational tables.
STATUS VARCHAR2(9) One of the following values:
  • EXECUTING - the command has begun executing

  • FETCHING - data is being fetched into the analytic workspace

  • FINISHED - the command has finished executing. This status appears very briefly before the record disappears from the table.

ROWS_PROCESSED NUMBER The number of rows already inserted, updated, or deleted.
START_TIME TIMESTAMP(3) The time the command started executing.