V$BUFFER_POOL_STATISTICS displays statistics about all buffer pools available for the instance.

Column Datatype Description
ID NUMBER Buffer pool identifier number
NAME VARCHAR2(20) Name of the buffer pool
SET_MSIZE NUMBER Buffer pool maximum set size
CNUM_REPL NUMBER Number of buffers on replacement list
CNUM_WRITE NUMBER Number of buffers on write list
CNUM_SET NUMBER Number of buffers in set
BUF_GOT NUMBER Number of buffers gotten by the set
SUM_WRITE NUMBER Number of buffers written by the set
SUM_SCAN NUMBER Number of buffers scanned in the set
FREE_BUFFER_WAIT NUMBER Free buffer wait statistic
WRITE_COMPLETE_WAIT NUMBER Write complete wait statistic
BUFFER_BUSY_WAIT NUMBER Buffer busy wait statistic
FREE_BUFFER_INSPECTED NUMBER Free buffer inspected statistic
DIRTY_BUFFERS_INSPECTED NUMBER Dirty buffers inspected statistic
DB_BLOCK_CHANGE NUMBER Database blocks changed statistic
DB_BLOCK_GETS NUMBER Database blocks gotten statistic
CONSISTENT_GETS NUMBER Consistent gets statistic
PHYSICAL_READS NUMBER Physical reads statistic
PHYSICAL_WRITES NUMBER Physical writes statistic

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